Love Marriage Prediction

Love Marriage Prediction

Love Marriage Prediction

Love Marriage Prediction

love marriage through horoscope

A love wedding may be a union of 2 people based mostly upon mutual love, understanding, affection, and commitment. True love between a person and a lady ends up in wedding. Astrologically it’s attainable to predict whether or not the native can have love wedding or organized one .
love or arranged marriage by horoscope
Factors governing love marriage:

5th house/lord: inclination towards sensual or lustful pleasure
7th house/lord: wedding, spouse, love, harmony.
Venus: significator of mate, pleasance, titillating in nature
Moon: governs emotions
Jupiter: significator of husband
Saturn: touch/feeling
Rahu: unconventional in manner, searching for sensual pleasure.
Combinations for love marriage:

When moon, Venus and Saturn get connected, the broad indication is that the native is at risk of love wedding.

Lords of fifth and seventh homes exchange signs.
Lords of fifth and seventh hoses placed along.
Lord of fifth is posited in seventh house or lord of seventh is placed in fifth house, chance of getting love wedding is indicated.
Lords of fifth and seventh house combined in fifth /7th house or facet one another.
Lord of ascendant aspect/associate/exchange sign with seventh house, indicates love wedding.
Jupiter is in malign influence during a feminine horoscope.
Venus is during a malign influence during a male horoscope.
Rahu posited in ascendant and seventh home is not influenced by Jupiter in any manner, indicates love wedding.
Lords of seventh and eleventh lords exchange signs, and Mars is posited in fifth house.
Lords of ascendant, 5th, and seventh homes ar malign in nature, and associated with eighth house, chance of getting love wedding will increase.
Venus combined with Jupiter/Mercury during a quadrant/trine.
Venus is placed 5th/9th from ascendant/Moon, indicates love wedding.
Moon combined with the lord of ascendant within the ascendant.
Moon combined with the lord of seventh house within the seventh house.
Second house from ascendant/Moon/Sun is heavily afflicted, love wedding is also expected.
Rahu and Mars combined in seventh house.
Lord of seventh house combined with Mars and Hindu deity in Taurus/Libra sign.
Sagittarius/Piscean is that the sign of ninth house, and Saturn/Rahu aspects seventh, ninth house and Jupiter, indicates love wedding.
Use of Navamsha chart for predicting love wedding
Use of Navamsha chart for predicting love wedding.

love marriage prediction in astrology
For love wedding person ought to change state below explicit lagna and navamsha lagna.For example if your lagna is Aries then your navamsha lagna ought to be sagitarius or leo. the likelihood of affection wedding will increase below explicit lagna and navamsha lagna. here is list of navamsha lagna for every lagna.

Lagna Navamsha Lagna
Aries Sagittarius or Leo

Taurus Capricorn or Virgo

Gemini Libra or Aquarius

Cancer Scorpio or pisces

Leo Sagittarius or Aries

Virgo Taurus or Capricorn

Libra Gemini or Aquarius

scorpio Cancer or pisces

Sagittarius Aries or Leo

Capricorn Virgo or Taurus

Aquarius Gemini or Libra

pisces Cancer or Scorpio

For each lagna I actually have assigned a pair of Navamsha lagna for love wedding.You will additionally notice that components of lagna and navamsha lagna ar same.


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